Beargrease Vets on Alert with Warm Temperatures

Dogs more prone to overheating, dehydration in the heat.

DULUTH, Minn.- All the dogs taking mushers along the Beargrease trail, which is softer than usual due to warmer weather, calls for a big team of trained veterinarians. 11 vets and 7 veterinary technicians are stationed at each checkpoint, along with one EMT to check on the human mushers. Vets say while they’re there for medical attention, mushers are usually…

Veterinarian Tips on Keeping Pets Warm

Cold Snap upcoming, don't forget about those furry friends of yours

DULUTH, MN- When it gets this cold outside, making sure your four-legged friends are warm is just as important as keeping yourself warm. Veterinarian Dr. Kay Boucher says that “with the cold temperatures, if you are not comfortable, they are not going to be comfortable”. For cats, they should not be going outside at all during the Winter months in…

Animal Allies to Host Nibbles and Networking Event

Staff at Animal Allies Hope to Reach out and Connect with Local Veterinarians in the Northland

DULUTH, Minn. – Animal Allies will be hosting their first ever Nibbles and Networking event Wednesday evening, starting at 5:30p.m. The social opportunity will allow local veterinarians to connect with each other, while getting a chance to tour and speak with the medical staff from Animal Allies. Veterinarians, Vet Technicians, and Staff are welcome to attend. Animal Allies offers a…