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These Bricks Did More than Build Houses, They Built a Community

NORTHLAND UNCOVERED: The story behind the quaint 84 Jackson Project brick houses in Hermantown.

HERMANTOWN, Minn. – America in the 1930’s is remembered for its high unemployment and struggle for working families to find affordable housing. President Franklin D. Roosevelt started a number of projects to help the nation’s families escape these problems and find a better life, including a Northland colony of depression–era housing projects, one of the nation’s only homestead colonies still…

U.S. Navy Photographer Remembers Return of Apollo for Moon Landing Anniversary

NORTHLAND UNCOVERED: Patrick Shaw remembers his time as U.S. Navy Photogressman 2nd Class

DULUTH, Minn. – It’s been 50 years since the return of the Apollo 11 module that carried the three astronauts who first walked on the moon. It’s a moment millions call one of the greatest achievements of man. July 1969, American astronauts landed on the moon. And the events that followed, only few had the chance to see in person….

The DTA Celebrates Another Milestone in Long History of Transporting People Around Duluth

The DTA has been Duluth's public transit system since 1883

DULUTH, Minn. – With almost two thousand stops, 75 fixed–route buses and some of the highest ridership in the country, the Duluth Transit Authority has served as an example for transportation systems all over the nation. “In 1883 they had mule–drawn street cars because they needed transportation that was affordable to get people around the community and up the hill,”…

Tunnels Under Duluth Remain Some of the City’s Oldest Infrastructure

The tunnels under Duluth are a part of the city's storm drain system

DULUTH, Minn. – Infrastructure development was booming at the turn of the twentieth century in Duluth and under it. The tunnels of Duluth were built to convey water under major roads without disrupting the city above. “They are durable. That blue stone doesn’t wear away. The bottoms of them are still on their original bedrock channel,” city program coordinator Todd Carlson…

The Man Behind the Courtney Medal of Honor

NORTHLAND UNCOVERED: Major Henry A. Courtney and the Medal of Honor

DULUTH, Minn. – The Courtney Medal of Honor is a symbol of leadership to many. “My regret is he was taken in a war, and I never got to grow up and get to know him,” Major Henry Courtney’s nephew Courtney Storey said. Major Courtney was killed in 1945, two years after his nephew Courtney Storey was born. What Storey knows…

Seafarers Experience a Ministry of Hospitality for 50 Years in the Twin Ports

NORTHLAND UNCOVERED: The Ministry of Seafarers

DULUTH, Minn. – When ships come to the Twin Ports those on board are usually far from home, their families, things that are familiar to them. The Twin Ports is one of the farthest Western points ships can travel on the great lakes. Crew members facing tough conditions for months at a time. “Probably the shortest amount of time that…

The Northland Remembers America’s Ace of Aces Richard I. Bong

Northland Uncovered: The Richard I. Bong Veterans Center is in Superior

SUPERIOR, Wis. – What started as a plane and a dream has now turned into a haven for Northland veterans. From Poplar, Wis. farm boy to America’s icon, U.S. Army Air Force Major Richard Bong was one of nation’s most decorated fighter pilots during World War II. “He ended up becoming America’s ace of aces shooting down 40 confirmed enemy air…

Korean War Veteran Remembers Time as One of the ‘Frozen Chosin’

NORTHLAND UNCOVERED: Bob Johnson is a born and raised Duluth veteran

ESKO, Minn. – The Korean War ended 66 years ago, but it’s effects are far from forgotten, especially on Northland veterans. Bob Johnson is 88 years old. He enlisted when he was just 17. “I read about Marine exploits and I figured if I grew up and ever war, I want to be in the Marine Corp,” Johnson said. Summer…

A Century Old Theatre That’s Trying to Make a Comeback

The Lyric Center for the Arts was built in 1911

VIRGINIA, Minn. –  A century old theater is making a come back. The arts play a significant role in any town, especially one like Virginia, Minnesota. “The theater opened in 1912, in January, and to a full house and rave reviews,” Lyric executive directory Mary McReynolds said. In 1912, the Lyric Center for the Arts was one of several stops…

Northland Uncovered: The Douglas County Courthouse Celebrates 100 Years

Northland Uncovered: The Douglas County Courthouse was built in 1919

SUPERIOR, Wis. – At the time it was built, the Douglas County Courthouse stood for growth. “The shipyards were operating, a lot of activity going on here and we had a lot of industry,” long time county board member Douglas Finn said. The original courthouse sat on the Nemdaji river, but in the midst of a booming population a new one was…

Northland Uncovered: Turning the Traphagen House into a Home

Northland Uncovered: A Duluth home passed through the hands of architect Oliver G. Traphagen and the Congdon's will now be rented out as modern apartments

DULUTH, Minn.- Turning the old into the new, that’s what one property owner wanted to do with a well known home in the Northland. “If you can’t preserve and protect, reconstruct with the heritage in mind,” contractor Austin Aili said. Oliver G. Traphagen left a legacy as an architect with hands on several buildings in Duluth, including Fire Station No….

The Northland’s National Weather Service

NORTHLAND UNCOVERED: The Duluth branch National Weather Service is making history in the Northland

DULUTH, Minn. – 2019 may be the year we see historic temps in the Northland, but what’s the history behind the guys making that call? Before they were called the National Weather Service, the U.S. Weather Bureau landed in Duluth in 1855. Along with being one of the biggest shipping ports, Duluth’s spot on Lake Superior and it’s crazy weather…