Virginia Miners Memorial Building

Steelworkers Rally for Fair Raises

After Not Getting a Raise in Over Three Years, United Steelworkers Union Had Enough

VIRGINIA, Minn.- Chants rang out filled with passion, and even anger. Members of the United Steel Workers union Local 1938 gathered in Virginia to protest what they feel is an insulting and unfair contract offer. “The CEOs shouldn’t live a life of luxury while the middle class worker struggles to eat and pay his bills,” said Steelworker Richard Poskarbiewicz. The proposed…

Letica Looks for More Donations, Leaves Sunday for Texas

Northlander's Donated Thousands of Items Just Days Ago, Now Letica and Volunteers Travel to Texas a Second Time

DULUTH, Minn. – After Hurricane Harvey hit Texas, Duluth Entrepreneur Mike Letica organized a drive, gathered a group of volunteers and drove south with a truckload of 45,000 pounds of donations for storm victims. Letica and his group are doing it again, Saturday and Sunday. “How much more can people take,” said Letica. It’s a question he may never have…