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Yarn Harbor Warms Up the City

Yarn Store Holds Charity Event

DULUTH, Minn.- For many of us, bundling up in the winter is second nature. But it’s a luxury not everyone can afford. The staff at Yarn Harbor hope to change that. After collecting donations over the past few months, today they “yarn bombed” different spots around Duluth. People could come in and pick up donated hats, mittens, and scarves to…

Trailfitters Shares The Best Clothing To Stay Warm

Trailfitters says people are mostly looking for winter down jackets.

DULUTH, Minn. – Staying warm in the Northland can come down to the right clothing. Trailfitters in Duluth says that layers are essential to hold the warm air in. The type of material you buy¬†can also determine if you’ll stay warm and dry. Cotton will keep you cold if it gets wet. While wool and synthetics won’t. “We get a…