Washington D.C.

Minnesota Senator to Lead Bipartisan Hearing on Capitol Hill

The hope is to continue to allow public access to the Capitol in the future.

WASHINGTON D.C. – Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar is helping lead a bipartisan hearing on security issues surrounding the January 6th Capitol riot, along with the Department of Homeland Security. The hearing includes first-time testimonies from the former Capitol Police Chief and the current head of the Metropolitan Police Department. Senator Klobuchar says, the constructive hearing will focus on three areas…

148th Fighter Wing Returns Following Deployment to U.S. Capitol for Biden Inauguration

A total of 110 volunteers were deployed from the 148th, about 10% of their total force.

DULUTH, Minn,- Members of the 148th Fighter Wing have returned to the Twin Ports following their deployment to the Capitol. — part of the 25,000 National Guard troops sent there for President Joe Biden’s Inauguration, to watch out for threats following the violent Pro-Trump riot. “It was quite crazy to be honest with you,” said Master Sergeant Chris Simonson, Food…