State Allocates Funds for Prevention of Aquatic Invasive Species

Each year the state legislature delegates funds to attack Aquatic Invasive Species.

DULUTH, Minn.- The fight against Aquatic Invasive Species in St. Louis County lakes continues as the County Board has approved the distribution of funds for their prevention and elimination. Each year the state legislature allocated funding to counties to be used to prevent the introduction and limit the spread of Aquatic Invasive Species, or AIS. These species disrupt the health…

Man Dies of Natural Causes in Lake Vermillion

St. Louis County is investigating the incident.

ELY, Minn.- A man is pronounced dead Tuesday after trying to get back on his watercraft on Lake Vermillion, about 30 miles west of Ely. A resident saw 58-year-old Darrell Pfannenstein of St. Joseph struggling to get back on his jet ski in shallow water. The resident offered help but Pfannenstein declined. Later he was seen walking towards shore and…