Winter Prep

More Snow Means More Business Up North Shore

Different North Shore Businesses prepare for winter tourists after last week's snowfall.

NORTH SHORE, Minn.- It seems Jack Frost made an early stop up the North Shore, and businesses couldn’t be happier. “We all live here for a reason. So we’re big fans of the snow and the cold,” said Jordyn Timberlake. The Bartender and Housekeep at Knotted Pine Inn and Tavern in Isabella is looking at increased business for both the…

Little Snow Doesn’t Bury Plow Sales

Unlike Clothing and Hardware, Snow Plow Sales Increase

DULUTH, Minn.- With temperatures on the rise, and snow missing from the picturesque “Northland Winter” scene, some businesses are noticing a decline in sales of hardware and winter clothing. But the plows are still flying off the shelves. Snow plow retailers have been soaking up the sun. At Bears Heavy Duty Parts and Accessories, they’ve seen sales double since last…

Checking Chimneys before Chilly Temps

The months before winter are a busy season for chimney services.

DULUTH, Minn.- It’s the time of year homeowners should begin prepping for colder temperatures, which includes checking the chimney. Having your chimney inspected helps prevent household fires. Chimney inspectors clear obstructions such as animals or debris. Full chimney services offer; cleaning, inspection, rebuilding, and repairing.¬†Black Goose Chimney and Duct has been servicing the local community for 30 years.¬† “Most people…