Women of Science

Celebrating Women in STEM at FIRST Robotics Competition

Ladies Event held before competition.

DULUTH, Minn.- At the FIRST Robotics Competition, a special event was held celebrating the young women competing this weekend. Organizers say hundreds of young women are starting to make names for themselves in this STEM field. Some, even taking over their respective teams. “I feel like women in FIRST and STEM is growing and so we want to encourage that,” said…

Aeronautics Camp Aimed To Spark Interest For Women In STEM

UWS Superior Hosted A Camp Touring Cirrus & AAR

Duluth, Minn. — UW–Superior hosted a special camp for high school girls designed to peak interest for women to find careers in aviation. “I see a lot of youth going to IT and that sort of thing and I think aviation is kind of getting overlooked!” explained the AAR Supervisor Larry Libra. The group of girls toured cirrus and AAR,…