World War I

Springing Forward for 100th Daylight Savings

History of Daylight Savings

MINNESOTA- On Saturday night, the country will be springing ahead one hour for the 100th time! The first daylight savings time happened in 1918 during World War I, to conserve coal. While it gives you some more sunshine, setting your clock ahead one also comes at a cost. A study showed losing that hour of sleep leads to a 25…

1918 Marked by More than Just Fire

Presentation at Duluth Public Library Highlights Other Travesties of the Year

DULUTH, Minn.-A presentation took place at the Duluth Public Library tonight to shed some new light on what some call Duluth’s most devastating year, 1918. Organized by Twin Ports Genealogy, the free event focused on the summer of 1918, when a catastrophic fire burned along the outer edge of Duluth. Organizers say that the fire overshadows two other terrible parts…