X Ray

Donation to Lake Superior Zoo Benefits Animal Health

X-ray Machine Donated by St. Luke's Hospital

DULUTH, Minn. – As many of us know, dealing with a broken bone can be difficult. When it comes to animals, chances are the diagnosis is even harder to pinpoint. Now, thanks to generous donors in the Northland, the Lake Superior Zoo is now equipped with the latest and greatest X-ray technology. “Monty is the kind of snake that doesn’t strike,…

New X-Ray Lab Helps Enhance Animal Health

The Lake Superior Zoo Recently Received Updated X-Ray Equipment, an Upgrade from the 1970s

DULUTH, Minn. – Staff at the Lake Superior Zoo spent their Monday morning working with new equipment donated to them. The Zoo’s Burmese Python, Monty, was lucky number one to receive routine X-rays thanks to St. Luke’s Hospital in Duluth. St. Luke’s recently donated a $50,000 dollar machine to the Zoo after replacing it with newer diagnostic equipment in their…