Extreme Cold Frightful for Humans, Delightful for Animals at Zoo

According to Lake Superior Zookeepers, their animals are no strangers to climates like this.

DULUTH, Minn.- While humans have to take extra safety measures in this extreme cold, many animals at the Lake Superior Zoo love to be outside – but with windchills this low, things like frostbite are a still a danger, regardless of species. “Most all of the animals that we have here if they’re outside this is gonna be similar to…

Lake Superior Zoo Crew Showcases Work with Animals

Teen summer program shares all they learned throughout the ten weeks.

DULUTH, Minn.- For 10 weeks every summer, area teens learn how to handle and care for animals alongside Lake Superior Zookeepers, and teach visitors about wildlife and conservation. On Tuesday the Zoo Crew showed off all they do at the Zoo, along with what they’ve learned this summer. For some Zoo Crew members who want to become veterinarians, the program…

Zookeepers Help Animals Prepare for Colder Months Ahead

In This Week's Animal Answers, Lead Zookeeper Emily Perala Talks Winter Preparation for the Animals

DULUTH, Minn. – Colder temperatures are sinking in across much of the Northland. As humans begin bundling up, it’s also time for animals to do the same. While many of them grow thicker coats of fur, some aren’t able to adapt as quickly as others. Zookeepers at the Lake Superior Zoo tell FOX 21’s Brett Scott they’re working to ensure…