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A Gale Warning remains in effect as wave heights will remain very high at times through early Wednesday morning. Wind gusts may still get to 25 to 30 mph as some light snow or light rain may mix into the forecast overnight.

A few light snow and rain showers will linger into the daytime hours Wednesday. Luckily, accumulation will remain very light but just be careful for a few slick spots on roads and sidewalks along the way! Some areas of freezing drizzle are likely along Duluth and surrounding spots Wednesday morning. Luckily, temperatures will warm back well into the upper 30s and 40° range for hump day afternoon! The system will pass us to the east by mid to late Wednesday afternoon.

High temperatures will still remain below average Thursday and Friday but the area will stay dry thanks to a dominating ridge of high pressure sinking into the picture. High temperatures won't be as chilly as of late, with most locations hovering in the mid to upper 30s.

Our weather's temperatures will be on the upside for the holiday weekend! Trick-or-treaters should plan on a mostly cloudy sky with evening temperatures in the 30s for the most part. Warmer air will prevail as we will get well into the 40s for Halloween afternoon, with that mild air sticking around for Sunday and much of next week. We are monitoring a storm system that will skirt across southern Ontario this weekend. Luckily, precipitation from this activity will stay to our north but a stray shower or two may clip northeast Minnesota late Halloween night or else on Sunday.

Chief Meteorologist Sam Gabrielli

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