There's a four-legged, massive hard-back animal that has come to the surface in Wrenshall.

The mysterious creature showed up in a homeowner's backyard with a big bite. Residents had plenty to say.

"They tend to be a top of the food shelf type of predator," said DNR Area Wildlife Manager Chris Balzer.

"I'm a little weary about sending a puppy in there now. It's so big, I mean the head was about as big as the duck, it's that big.We suspect actually that a couple years ago might have gotten 4 young Canada geese. I think it's gotten other birds before. I saw it down on the end of the Dike down there sunning its self," said resident Randy Rodd.

"Yeah that's a big turtle, it looks like it's eating a mallard duck," said Balzer.

Rodd captured a photo of the large snapping turtle eating a duck.

"i just happened to be mowing the lawn riding on my garden tractor and I drove right up to it and the shell line has to be at least this long," said Rodd.

Snapping turtles have been known to eat birds before.

"It's big, they do eat animals that size ducks and muskrats, I think more typically snapping turtles will be catching ducklings that can't fly," said Balzer.