John Mariucci Honored with Metal Statue

The city of Eveleth unveiled the statue at a ceremony at Big Stick Plaza.

EVELETH, Minn. – The late John Mariucci has a lot of things named after him in the state of Minnesota. A hockey rink in the cities a high school coach’s award. And on Tuesday, he got a statue in his hometown.

A special ceremony was held at the Big Stick Plaza in downtown Eveleth to unveil the over six–foot–tall statue. Jeff Kreitz was asked a year ago to put it together and he says he used five different metals to put together the 515 pound sculpture.

“Just starting out with the skates, it’s very important because it’s part of how the sculpture is mounted to the rock. It’s got to be very strong. They have to be a certain size. What metals are you going to use? How are you going to come up from there? As these come up, you just go with it,” Kreitz said.

Members of the community as well as a contingency from the U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame showed up to the event. Several members of the Mariucci family were also in town to remember and honor the “godfather of Minnesota hockey”.

“His personal mission was to promote Minnesota hockey. He felt it wasn’t right to go someplace else to recruit. He said “if we’re going to grow the sport in this state, we have to play the players from this state,” said David Ferroni, who is Mariucci’s nephew.

“As far as the hockey goes and his impact, everybody knows who he was. They know what he did. They know how he promoted American hockey and primarily Minnesota hockey and fought for that,” U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame president Calvin Cossalter.

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