Local Group Finding Ways to Provide For the Less Fortunate and Homeless

DULUTH, Minn. — Saturday,  a local group continued their efforts to help the homeless and needy in and around West Duluth.

The group called the Guardian Angels of West Duluth, handed out what they called “Blessing Bags” containing hygiene items and snacks to the homeless and less fortunate.

They also gave out home cooked lasagna for the food drive they do every other Saturday, where they delivered to people under I-35.

Last fall they had a successful ‘Fill the Tent’ event where they collected winter items, and they look to do it again soon as they say their efforts seem to be helping out.

“It’s gotten a little bit better, we’ve realized the colder it’s gotten, the less people there are, when we’re handing out meals, I’m hoping it stays that way but some of our people that we hand food out to actually got into some places,” Meghan Tjaden, Co-Founder, G.A.W.D. said.

Logan Reardon, the Public Relations Director of G.A.W.D. also added, “we’ve had tons of donations that we put together with all the necessities for the homeless such as toothpaste, deodorant, hats, gloves, mittens, so we’re seeing that we are providing them with a lot of necessities but a lot of it can still be worked on”.

Guardian Angels of West Duluth is also pairing up with Tommy’ s Express Carwash on Central Entrance. Tommy’s will be accepting cash donations from customers to help provide for the homeless.

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