Landscape Photographer Thru Hiking Superior Hiking Trail, Donating Along The Way

DULUTH, Minn. — A local landscape photographer is taking his camera and talents quite the distance. He is using his passion to bring him 310 miles up the Superior Hiking Trail while also finding a way to give back.

“I love just getting out in nature and capturing the scene and sharing it with others and the hope is to inspire others to get outside and kind of see it for themselves,” John Keefover, owner of Keefography, and employee at Great Lakes Gear Exchange said. He is taking his pack and camera on 7 different sections of the Superior Hiking Trail.

Combining the outdoors with one of his passions is one of the best ways to embrace northern Minnesota and beyond.

“For me getting outside is kind of a re-setter, like it kind of just brings me at peace there’s a lot going on in the world right now so I don’t know it just clears your mind a little bit,” Keefover said.

He has always wanted to thru hike the superior hiking trail, and now is the time to take his talents to new heights. It will take 19 days, only living off of what he has in his pack, and food he collects from supporters along the way. But he’s mostly looking forward to the natural photo ops on the trail.

“The main focus is just being at the right place at the right time so I’ll be able to get up for sunrise or sunset in these amazing places along the trail,” he added.

Aside from trying something new and exciting, Keefover is using this trek to raise money towards the wolf ridge environmental learning center in Finland. They offer around 50 classes but the one he and his trail companions are contributing to is their superior view hike class.

“Every year they bring about 2400 kids on the trail, it’s a pretty amazing thing and they show them the sites, they teach them stewardship, ecology, and just everything to kind of let them know what this area means to people and why they should protect it for everyone to enjoy in the future,” Keefover said.

For the 310 miles hiked, he is asking for $310 donations, but also appreciates anything that is contributed.

To find out how to donate, or to just follow along in the journey, head to Keefography dot com, or his other company which leads guided trips and photography tutorials, arrowhead expeditions dot com to find out more.

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