All City of Duluth Employee Unions Reject Mayor’s 2022 Healthcare Proposal

DULUTH, Minn. – FOX 21 learned Monday that all six employee unions with the city of Duluth have rejected the administration’s new healthcare proposal for 2022.

This comes after a rally outside City Hall late last week where union members said they have a strong health fund and want to keep it that way.

The proposed changes to employee health insurance have not been made public yet, but last week Mayor Emily Larson said the healthcare changes were necessary — in part — to allow the city to invest in employee raises.

The raises include a one-time 15 percent salary increase for police officers and a one-time 5 percent increase for remaining employees.

It would also allow an annual budget increase of $100,000 each for police and fire departments to help retain employees and provide better training.

This is all under Larson’s “Safer Duluth for All” budget proposal for next year, which needs to get passed by the council this December.

The increased tax levy and Duluth’s $58 million in American Rescue Plan dollars are also contributing to the proposed budget changes.

The city on Monday said it does not comment on ongoing labor negotiations.

The unions did not talk Monday either.

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